Monday, December 3, 2018

Last week of Pre primary!!

We made it!!! Well done on an amazing year!!! All of the kids have worked so hard and made awesome progress!! Here we come Year One!!!

A few reminders for this week....

Christmas Play and Awards Evening - is scheduled for Wednesday 5th December commencing at 5.30pmAll students are asked to come dressed in their Christmas colours. Christmas hats, t-shirts and extras are most acceptable. They will need to be at school by 5.15pm. We will be lining up in our classes outside the hall. Students will need to be collected from their teacher at the end of the concert.

ST. VINCENT DE PAUL CHRISTMAS HAMPER APPEAL – PLEASE HELP! - Each year at OLC we take time to be thankful for our blessings and to assist those in need by contributing to Christmas Hampers distributed by the St. Vincent De Paul Society. There is a box in our classroom.  Please contribute something to make another less fortunate family's day a little more special. 

Fun Day.
The preprimary fun day is on Thursday the 6th of December.  
The rest of the school will have their fun day on Friday the 7th of December. 
The games they have planned may be a bit scary for our little people so we will do a simplified version of some of these games on Thursday. 
There will be a Bouncy Castle on the Friday.  The pres will have a special time allowed just for them to use it.  The students can order a sausage sizzle on Friday. Order forms went out yesterday and need to come back by Wednesday.

Recyclable Shopping Bag
Please send in a large recyclable style shopping bag with your child's name clearly written on it in permanent texta near the handles by this Friday.  This bag will be used to pack your child's books and creations in. 

Christmas Cards and Candy Canes.
In the last week of school the children often bring in cards and candy canes to give each other. This is a lovely thing to do but I do have a few rules to go with this practice. 
1. If you are doing them then do them for the whole class.  
2. Any candy canes or lollies given must go into their drawer and be taken home at the end of the day.  By doing this mum's and dad's will have some idea of the sugar intake of their child. 
Children do not HAVE to do this. 

There will be no more readers sent home.  Mrs Kemp realized she needed a bit more time to process the readers and has requested that we do not hand out any more readers. 

A HUGE congratulations to the students of PPL who have all worked so hard with their reading this year.  All children have achieved Personal Best results and we are very proud indeed of their efforts.

Classroom Cleaning
We need some helpers for some cleaning in our classroom if you can spare any time this week - Wednesday or Thursday.


Sunday, November 25, 2018

Multicultural Day

This Wednesday, the 28th of November is Multicultural Day... and we can't wait!  
So far we have Oscar B's mum, Gulnara, teaching us some Russian, Manoa's Dad Titsiano making Pizza, hopefully Manoa's mum Anne telling us about Sri Lanka and we have two other guest presenter parents who are just confirming their availability.  
We could do with more presenters so if you would like to share something about your cultural heritage then let me know.  It could be craft, cooking, dancing, music, a game.... what ever you can think of.  We love it when our parents share their knowledge with the children. 
As we forewarned you earlier this term...your child will need to dress in some form of costume representing a nationality.  
They could always be an Italian soccer player or an Aussie stockman if you have difficulties in finding a costume. A Chinese dressing gown easily turns into a kimono.  It is a awesome day, especially since we have parent involvement.
If you are interested in being a presenter don't hesitate to come and see me.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Week 6

A few reminders for the weeks ahead.

1.  The children will be participating in PLD differentiated spelling groups for the last few weeks of school in preparation for Year One next year.  They all completed the PLD Year One placement test last week and did very well! The process of sending the children off to their like needs groups is very matter of fact.  Each group has a title and it is explained to the children what their learning focus is in that group.  It is not a competitive process but rather a sensible way of allowing children to consolidate their personal needs in spelling. These groups will be housed in PPB, PPL, the central wet area and in some Year One classrooms. This session is only 20 minutes long. 

2. We plan to have the children eat their lunch with the 'big school' in weeks 8 and 9.  This is another preparation for Year One. The Preprimary children will be kept in a circle and closely supervised. 

3.  Multicultural Day is getting closer. (Wednesday Week 8.  The 28th of November)  For this day we need quite a bit of parent support. The children will rotate through six activities that are based around a culture other than their own.  Eg.  Cooking, craft, music, dance etc.   For these activities we draw from the expertise of our parent community.  If you can cook some Italian biscuits or dance the Mexican Hat Dance (for example!) and would like to lead a small group of children in a task then please let us know this week.  I know we have a few families who hail from other places in the world - and even if you are a 5th generation Aussie but make amazing sushi - we would love your input. 
Please see the PP teachers if you are willing and able to help. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Gathering Time : for the following weeks we need to 'wean' the children off parent support during gathering time. Their writing is taking off so quickly that I think they will give it a good go alone. 

5. Christmas is getting closer and just a heads up that we will begin our Advent Religious Education programme this week. This always feels a bit early but our main focus will be on the nativity story. 
We will also begin the process of writing letters to Santa.

6. Father Ian's Farewell mass is this Friday at 9am.  We would love some parents to attend if you can.

Have a lovely week. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

World Outdoor Classroom Day

Tomorrow (Thursday 1/11) we will be participating in World Outdoor Classroom Day.  The Pre primary students will complete a series of play based learning activities in our outdoor area. 
It would be great to have a couple of extra helpers on this morning.  If you can help then let us know. 

We could also do with some help with resources on the day. 

We need;
1.  Old sheets.  White or light in colour that you don't want back!
2.  Leaves.  Non toxic.  As many different sorts, shapes, colours that you can find.  A shopping bag full would be great. 
3. Gum nuts.  We need a few hundred of these!
4. Small flat rocks.  Like the ones that come in bags from Bunnings for your garden.  If you have some of these that you haven't used we sure can make use of them. 
5. Spray bottles. Empty and cleaned out. 
6.  Boxes for box construction. 
7.  Milk bottle lids. 
8.  Lots of sticks.  In lengths of about 20cm.  Pencil thick. 

If you can bring in some of these things it will be a huge help and time saver for us! 
Thank you in advance.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Term 4

Welcome back for the home run!! Not long now!!! This term will fly by!!
A few notes about the term.....

Gathering time
The roster will remain the same as last term. Please remember that the days are flexible, if another day works better for you feel free to swap. Just remember to let your child try to attempt words themselves. Accurate spelling is not the focus - having a go is. Please praise their efforts no matter how big or small.
During gathering time the students will also be practicing their sight word reading with our EA and may also be asked to read their home reader as well. This is all about reading milage, the more they read the better they will get. Reading the same book 3-5 times improves a reader's speed, confidence and fluency. It helps them to understand the book, and to read in phrases. It may sound a waste of time, and that your child needs to change their book as soon as it is finished but reading a text again really works, especially with early readers.
Gathering time writing
Term 3
Zoe H
Zoe H
Zoe S
Zoe S

New Roster
The children's news days have remained the same as well. There are some suggestions for news topics for each week, otherwise your child may choose their own.
Zoe H
Zoe S


News telling suggestions:
Week 2: My Holidays
Week 3: My favourite place to go in my community and why
Week 4: My favourite place to go in the world and why
Week 5: A place I would love to go and why
Week 6: Something I have made myself
Week 7: Something that has been made for me
Week 8: Christmas in my family
Week 9: Free choice

 They will need to describe their news using 2 elements such as:
 : what it is + what type
 : what it is + where it is found
 : What it is + one piece of information
 : What it is + what is it used for
 : what it is + what is it made from

Please help your child choose their item/picture for news and decide what they are going to say using one of the above suggestions.

Home Readers and Sight words
Just a reminder that readers are changed on Tuesdays and Thursdays and only if their reading has been recorded. Again, re-reading a book a number of times is extremely beneficial particularly when they are just learning to read.
The students are tested on their sight words every 2 weeks. They need to read and write them correctly to move onto the next set. So keep practicing them at home whenever you can. If you feel you child is ready to be tested on a particular set of words before the 2 weeks is up then please write their name on the small whiteboard on the bench near the wet area. The students are being tested this week on their current words.
Knowing a bank of sight words makes reading and writing easier. If they already know the words then they don't have to work so hard when reading and writing.

Reading Eggs
The students have been using the Reading Eggs program at school on the iPads. They each have a login and work at their own pace at their own level. If you are interested in doing this at home you are more than welcome to use their school login and password. Just come and see me and I will pass the information on to you.

PLC Fete
Each student in Pre primary are asked to bring in 2 packets of lollies for the fete. Please bring them in as soon as possible and put in the labelled box in the classroom.

Any questions, concerns or celebrations
Please feel free to see me if you have any questions or concerns and of course any celebrations!!!

Kristie and Katie

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Last day and assembly!!!

We have made it through Term 3 and are finishing off with our amazing assembly!!!

Just a reminder to try to get to school early so we can all get over to the hall to get organised.
There won't be any home readers going home this week. New books will be issued next term. Keep practicing your sight words though!!

Thank you to all of our wonderful parent helpers!! The classroom help, excursion help and PMP help is hugely appreciated. If it wasn't for your willingness to help we wouldn't be able to do half the things we do. So a big thank you and make sure you have a very restful holiday.

Our excursion to Caves House was an awesome day. Here are some photos from the day....

Thank you
Kristie and Katie

Monday, September 10, 2018

Week 9 happenings

Good morning parents

We have just two weeks left of this term! Well done to all of the PPL students on being such little superstars at the Athletics Carnival on Friday. Not only were they all so excited, but so well behaved, grown up, and everyone had a go!

This Tuesday the students will be lucky to attend the Jungle Book 1pm Matinee.

Learning Journeys
This will be held next Monday 17th September after the excursion. During this time parents and children will be able to wander around the classroom looking at the amazing achievements made by their child. If the classroom is looking very crowded maybe you and your child could wait outside until others have finished and then come in.

Christmas Shoebox Appeal
If you haven't brought in your gift and money for the shoebox could you please bring it in by the end of the week so we can make them up ready to send.

Performance Assembly (21st September)
The students have been busy preparing and practicing for our Performance Assembly. By now you should have received a note home as to what character your child will be. Please come and see one of us if you need assistance with costumes, or you haven't received a note yet.

Excursion (17th September)
Can all parents please return your permission slips by this Wednesday at the latest. We need to communicate to Caves House as to how many students we will have on this day. Thankyou.
We now also have enough parent help for this day.

Kristie and Katie