Sunday, February 23, 2020

Week 4

Hi Everyone,
Just a few reminders and some information for the week.

On Entry Testing
Over the next few weeks Julie Birch and I will be conducting the On-entry assessment program with our classes. The assessment is conducted in a one-on-one situation and is completed with all Pre primary students in West Australian schools. 
What is the purpose of the program? The main purpose of the On-entry Assessment Program is to provide teachers with information about the skills and understandings that a child brings to school. Conducting this assessment early in the year ensures that your child’s teacher has information about the current skills and understandings of each child to assist in the planning and development of targeted learning programs that address the needs of each individual and identify children who may require early intervention or extension. This approach is supported by national and international research into the early identification of students’ literacy and numeracy skills.
I will be out of the classroom this Wednesday to begin the testing.

Ash Wednesday
This Wednesday the children will receive ashes in the form of a cross drawn on their forehead. Ash Wednesday opens Lent, a season of fasting and prayer. Ash Wednesday takes place 46 days before Easter Sunday, and is chiefly observed by Catholics, although many other Christians observe it too.
Ash Wednesday comes from the ancient Jewish tradition of penance and fasting. The practice includes the wearing of ashes on the head. The ashes symbolize the dust from which God made us. Our Pre primary classes will receive the ashes in our classroom.

Contact details
Our class reps, Leah Pearson, Claire Jeffrey and Carolyn Trowbridge would love your updated contact details. Please look out for a sheet on the bench with the parent roster and check if your contact details are correct.

Missed notes
If your child has been away please remember to check our filing boxes for any missed notes. The boxes a located on the bench as you come in the door - aqua for girls and black for boys.

Important Student Information - medical condition 
Penny Whelan in our class has Type 1 Diabetes. The following information has been provided by her mum Natalie. Please take the time to read this so you are aware and so you can help your child understand her condition.

Penny has Type 1 Diabetes, she was diagnosed at 10 months old.
There is no known cause or cure.
Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease where the body sees the cells in the pancreas as foreign and attacks and kills them.
The pancreas is responsible for the production of insulin. 
It releases insulin when we eat carbohydrates to turn the glucose in the food into energy for the cells.
With type 1 you produce no insulin, so you need insulin to be injected or through an insulin pump (like Penny has).
Penny receives a flow of insulin through her pump, and additional insulin through her pump when she eats.
She is just like any other kid.. she can be as active as anyone, and eat most of the foods that other kids eat.
We always have alternatives for foods she cannot eat though and at birthday parties we just let her be a kid and she eats cake etc like everyone else. 
On birthday days at school we like to know in advance if possible  so we can send an alternative for any items that she can't eat. 

Library Books and Comprehension Packs
Just a reminder that the green library bags containing your child's library book needs to be brought to school on Fridays so the can be exchanged.
Comprehension packs are to be brought back to school by Tuesday of each week to be swapped and handed out again on a Wednesday.

This week we will be looking at the letters 'p' and 'i'. We need to know what they look like, sound like and how to correctly form them. Maybe you could have a game of Eye Spy while driving in the car to encourage your child to tune into the beginning sounds in words.
Our letter 'p' work will tie in with celebrating 'Shrove Tuesday'.  Shrove Tuesday is a Christian festival celebrated in many countries across the globe. It falls on the Tuesday before the beginning of Lent – a period of around six weeks leading up to Easter. During Lent, Christians give up luxuries to remember when Jesus went into the desert for 40 days to fast and pray.

We are focusing on the numbers 7 and 8 this week as well as counting with 1-1 correspondence. Counting with one-to-one correspondence is when the person counting touches each object and says the numeral name aloud, which is a far more complex skill than rote counting.


Sunday, February 16, 2020

Week 3 Updates

Hi Parents,

Parent Information Night
If you were unable to come to our parent night last week, this link will take you to the information we shared.

Comprehension Packs (Book with question sheet)
Each student will receive a comprehension pack once a week. These will be handed out on a Wednesday and are to be bought back to the classroom by the following Tuesday. Each week books are rotated to a pre determined schedule. If more than 2 packs are not returned in a particular week the class will not get any comprehension packs for that week.
There is a trolley for the comprehension packs and a separate trolley for library bags. These are located in the classroom.

Library Books
Our class go to the library for book exchange each Friday. Please make sure your child has a school library bag so they can borrow a book.
Please bring the library bag, with the book inside, back to school ready to exchange on a Friday and place it in the trolley.

This week we are learning the sounds of 't' and 'a' and how to form them correctly. Maybe you could try to find things around the house that begin with those sounds.

Our numbers for the week are 4, 5, and 6. We need to recognise the numeral, represent the number using items and match the correct name to each number.

Here are a few pics from our first few weeks....

Have a lovely week
Thanks Kristie

Friday, January 31, 2020

Welcome to PPL 2020

Dear Parents,
Welcome to PPL.  We have a wonderful year of celebrations, achievements and amazing growth ahead of us!!

There are always first day questions so listed below are some reminders to make day one as easy as possible for both the children and the parents. 

1. First day back is Monday the 3rd of February, 2020. Mrs Kristie Leahy will be there along with our wonderful EA's Mrs Letitia Jackson and Mrs Lisa Annert.

2. The door opens at 8.30am for Gathering time. Please help your child find their bag hook, then their classroom drawer and name tag when you come inside.  All children should be at school no later than 8.40am. 

The children are usually excited or anxious about their first day but if mum and dad present as confident, relaxed and happy, then the children will  pick up on your positive vibes. Following gathering time activities I will read a story on the mat called 'The Invisible String' and once the story is over it will be parents signal that it's time to go. If any children are unsettled we will help them out.  Please be reassured that if your child was not to settle in a reasonable time we would contact you ASAP. 

Feel free to watch this video by Maggie Dent on separation anxiety if you are a little worried.

3. The children should wear –

Boys and Girls.  Teal school issue polo shirt. Black shorts. Brown sandals or white, black or grey running shoes with white socks. School Rugby top if cold.
Faction polo on Friday. White, black or grey running shoes and white socks.  
We suggest keeping a spare pair of underwear and shorts in their bags in case of accidents.
All items of uniform, including shoes, must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.
Please place your child's hat in their drawer when you arrive along with their library bag and pillow

4. All children should have a packed lunch.  Please pack a separate smaller box for their morning tea.  We encourage fruit for morning tea with the addition of crackers, cheese etc. if required. In accordance with our sustainability plans we prefer Nude Food with as little packaging and plastic as possible. Lunch boxes will stay in your child's school bag outside on their hook.

Please keep in mind that OLC is a nut allergy friendly school.

5. Your child must have a water bottle each day.  Water bottles are taken home at the end of the day to be washed and refreshed. As you arrive in the classroom please place water bottles on the long back shelf.  Water only in the bottles please.  No cordial or juices.

6. Some children's school supplies have been delivered to school already.  If you are bringing supplies on Monday please place them into the ECC wet area as you arrive (ensure the bag containing the supplies has your child's name on it so we can check off who has brought it in). The supplies will be used on a share basis.

7. Our Library exchange day is on Friday.  Your child will need a library bag on this day. 

8. Canteen is on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. A black classroom lunch order box with lunch order bags will be available on these days. Pre primary students do not purchase recess.  You will still need to pack recess on these days if you order lunch. 

9. A communications diary will be placed on the drawers near the entrance door.  If you are not picking up your child please write in the book to tell us who will be. Any children on bus, pick up lane or after school care must also be entered into the communication diary. If your plans change during the day then please ring the office and leave a message. A parent help roster will also be available for you to add your name to and is located next to the diary.

10. Pick up time is 3.00pm. 

11. We will have quiet time after lunch each day.  The children will require a very SMALL pillow.  The smaller the better as we have limited storage space in the classroom. 

12.  Could you please email in a family group photograph with all family members present (Mum, Dad, kids and pets!) before Friday 7th of February. This can be sent to

13.   All other key organisation information will be passed on at the Parent Information Meeting in Week 2.

If you have any questions about the first few days then please email Kristie Leahy on the above address.

We look forward to seeing you and your children next Monday.

Kristie, Letitia and Lisa

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Excursion photos and general info Week 8

Dear Parents,

Preprimary Excursion.
First of all a big congratulations to the preprimary students for their amazing behaviour and delightful participation in the preprimary excursion last week.
We were very proud of our little people as they sat down to a beautiful Chinese meal and displayed perfect manners while they ate. A few of our children who were a little concerned about eating Chinese food changed their tune when they saw how good it was.
As predicted, the icecreams at Simmos were a huge hit, and the children had some fun in the playground while they were there.
For many children the experience of being on the big bus was the highlight of the day.

Preprimary playground action!
On Wednesday Frank Giglia and Rod Williams laid the cement for our preprimary bike path.  It was a beautiful day so we took the children out to watch the action.  They loved watching.
We've been testing the track and it gets a big thumbs up!!!
Next is the creek....hopefully we'll be playing with that tomorrow. (Could be a few wet uniforms!!!)
We are so very thankful to the amazing parents who have donated their time and expertise in order to give our playground a major facelift. Without them nothing would've changed. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Christmas Concert  and Awards Night
Next Tuesday the 10th of December is the date for our annual OLC Christmas concert. The children are required to be at school at 5.15 pm for a 5.30 pm start. We ask that the children come dressed in Christmas clothes ready for the concert and line up outside the hall with their class teacher. We encourage all parents to attend. 
The children sit as a whole school choir, parents and siblings will be on chairs as the audience.  At the conclusion of the concert they will be taken outside and parents can collect their children from their teacher on the lawn area.  Please let me know when you take your child. 

Colour Run - Last day of school
On Friday the 15th of December, the children will participate in the first OLC Colour fun run. 
Please send in a white t-shirt with your child's name clearly written on the back collar band in black texta or wear a white shirt on the day. If they don't have a white shirt they will not be able to participate.
We are asking that you child:
- Wear dark/old shorts and shoes that can be taken off easily, ready for the run
- Bring a towel as they will be sprayed with water at the end of the day
- Bring their best dancing moves in between stations and obstacles
- A change of clothes for kids that go on buses.


Reports will be given out on the last day of school.  As your child will be completing the colour run at the end of the day all reports will be safely packed before we head down to the oval.  Please look in the small pocket on the top of the bags to find the report.
If you are away on the day your child's report can be collected from the office.

Reading Folders and Library Bags
Please return your child's reading folder to class. We need to return the home readers. We will keep the folders and hand onto their Year One teachers ready to use next year.
It would be great to keep your child reading over the holidays. The local library is a great place to get books for the holidays. Reading Eggs also have a bank of books for reading.
We will also keep your child's library bag and pass onto the Year One teachers.

We would LOVE some parent helpers to lend a hand cleaning equipment and furniture on Wednesday and Thursday next week.  Please let me know if you can help. 

A Big Congratulations
Congratulations to the Gee family on their beautiful baby girl Lexi. We were so excited that Jana and Lexi could come in to visit this morning. Darcy and the rest of the class loved the SPECIAL news!!!

Thank you for being so organised and such an amazing bunch of parents!! You make mine and Mel's jobs so easy!!