Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Thank you to all the wonderful parent helpers we have had in the classroom so far. We certainly appreciate your presence in the classroom and love the extra help. It's wonderful for the kids to see that their parents value their education and want to be part of it. It is also very exciting for your child when you come in.

If anyone has any nuts, bolts, phillips head screws, locks and keys that they are not using, we would love some for our classroom. They provide an opportunity for some amazing real life fine motor play.

We have almost finished looking at the letters C H R E M D and enjoyed some messy/sensory learning today with some glorious mud, muffin making and Minions!!!

Our next set of letters are G L F O U B





We went exploring using our sense of sight last week using the binoculars we made. We saw many interesting things!!








News starts next week. This is the news roster if you didn't receive the note. It is also up on our parent information board outside our classroom. Each week has a theme to follow as we would like to encourage discussion and questions where we practise our oral language.

Thank you
Mrs Leahy and Mrs Martin

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