Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Half way already!!!

Hi Parents,
Can you believe we are already half way through the term and lucky for all of us, we have a mini break coming up!! Don't forget that this Monday is a public holiday.

Our sounds for this week are G L F and next week O U B.

Today the children will come home with a note requesting donations for our wet area. Thank you in advance for bringing in your selected item, it is greatly appreciated. Also feel free to bring in empty, clean boxes for our box construction. This has been a favourite activity lately.

Comprehension packs
Last Wednesday the children brought home a comprehension pack as well as their library book. Please take the time to read the story with your child and to ask the comprehension questions. Shared story time is very precious and a great opportunity to practice comprehension skills.
The packs need to be returned to school every Wednesday so a new one can be allocated the next day. If one is forgotten, one child will miss out.

News has been wonderful this week. Thank you for your effort in helping your child come prepared and with interesting things to talk about. Oral language is a very important component of literacy learning.

Snapshots of us!!
Making and mixing mmmmmuffins!!





Glorious Mud!!!!

Dancing Queens!!!


What have we dug up??


Relaxing and Reading xxx


Hard at work!!

Fairy gardens and box construction


Mrs Leahy and Mrs Martin

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