Tuesday, March 29, 2016

We are so busy playing in Pre Primary...have a look

Easter Greetings to everyone in Pre Primary, 
we hope you all had a happy and Holy Easter 
and some special family time together.
We have been very busy exploring letters, numbers and shapes. 
We made Easter egg patterned biscuits, Easter cards for our families, practised working co-operatively together and created some beautiful crosses to remind us of Jesus.
We love sharing our photos with you all and look forward to seeing you at our Parent Teacher Interviews.

 Look at how busy we have been!

We are so impressed with your efforts Amelia!

blue books, balls & bubbles

making shapes with play-do

We are so proud of you Jacob!

Mr Rogan helping us to make our xylophones
Mrs Jasper helping us with our x-ray hands
Mrs Stokes and Maisey reading 'x' words

counting, subitizing & working cooperatively

colour coordinated number & bead matching!
digging & playing together

shape exploration

cutting, counting & sticking

decorating Easter biscuits

 Number writing

Easter cards for the people we love

Easter Egg raffle winners!  
 Thank you for all your donations, we raised over $1000 for people less fortunate than us.

In Pre-Primary we PLAY, 
We encourage you to ask your children what sort of play they did today...

Play means
Exploring, talking, thinking,
trying, imagining, daydreaming, challenging, inventing, risk taking, giving, sharing, making choices, working, relaxing, turn taking, pausing, running, skipping, jumping, shouting, whispering, singing, making friends, being yourself, being someone else, role playing, acting, caring, negotiating, reading, writing, counting, measuring, trying things out, feeling, leading, following, problem solving, storytelling, building, laughing, smiling.

have a lovely week,
Mrs Martin & Mrs Leahy

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