Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Last week of Term 1!!!!!

 Wow, that term went quick!!!

Letter and Number tracing sheet
We are sending home a laminated letter and number tracing sheet for you to keep at home. Please use this to practice the formation of letters and numbers. Each letter and number shows where to start, which way to go and where to finish. Practice letter formation as often as possible as well as the sound each letter makes. While doing number writing practice talk about which number comes before and after each one. We also need to recognise all of the numbers up to 20, so please make sure you practice all of those numbers too.

Here is a video that outlines how to pronounce each letter correctly. Please take the time to watch it so you know you are helping your child correctly.

Resting Pillows
The children's pillows are coming home today for a wash over the holidays. Please bring them back at the beginning of term 2.

Term 2
Remember that Term 2 starts on Wednesday 27th April. There is another parent help roster up so please add your name when it suits you.

ABC Celebration Day!!!
What an awesome display of creativity!!! Today we saw a turtle, princess, Hulk, apple, cow, firemen, superhero, ant, Henry the octopus, Darth Vader, Ninja turtle, doctor, Jake the pirate, Elsa, octopus, surfer, construction worker and a fairy. Everyone made a fantastic poster about their favourite letter too!! What a wonderful way to celebrate our learning of the entire alphabet. Have a look at these photos of our day.

Stamping letters
P is for Princess

Making letter biscuits with a ninja turtle
D is for Darth Vader

H is for Henry the octopus
A is for Apple

O is for octopus

E is for Elsa

Making letters with our bodies

J is for Jake the Pirate

D is for doctor

C is for cow

Making letters with our bodies

F is for fireman

S is for superhero

H is for Hulk

A is for ant
Thank you so much for all of your wonderful invaluable help during term 1.We all wish you a safe and enjoyable holiday!!

Mrs Leahy, Mrs Martin, Mrs Peacock & Mrs Derickx

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