Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Welcome Back!!

Welcome back to Term 2 everyone!! We've been back only a short time but we have certainly achieved a lot so far. We would also like to welcome Hudson to our class.

Gathering Time Writing
As you are aware we have started 'writing' during gathering time. Each student has been allocated 2 days a week to do their writing. During this time please assist your child to draw a picture and then 'write' about their picture. Work together to identify sounds in the words they want to write. Talk about aspects of writing such as full stops and capital letters. Be positive and praise them for their efforts. Please write what they have written. The timetable for gathering time writing is pinned to our parent information board outside our classroom.

New Days
We have allocated new news days and new topics to talk about. If you can help your child to talk about what they might say when telling news to the class. The news roster is pinned to our parent information board outside our classroom.

Literacy focus
This term we have begun looking at small words using the concept of 'Onset and Rime'. Similar to teaching beginning readers about rhyme, teaching children about onset and rime helps them recognize common chunks within words. This can help students decode new words when reading and spell words when writing. For example cat would be broken up into c.....at. 'c' is the onset and 'at' is the rime. They help children learn about word families, which can lay the foundation for future spelling strategies. We will still be reviewing the sounds of the alphabet so keep practicing these too.

Here is a video explaining 'Preparing for Reading' where the 'onset and rime' stage fits.

Reading Eggs
Today the each student brought home their login details for Reading Eggs. We will be doing some at school but you are more than welcome to use this at home too. It is a wonderful program and the kids love it.

A big thank you!!
A big thank you to the P&F for the generously providing the funds for the Pre-Primary's to purchase some brand new bikes, scooters and wheelbarrows. They are an absolute hit with all the kids and are an awesome addition to the pre primary area. Thank you also to Mr Rogan for his handy work and putting them together for us.

 Activity Packs
Keep your eye out for when our new activity packs come home for you to play with your child!!!

Mrs Leahy and Mrs Martin

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