Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Personal and Families Histories

We will be learning about our personal and families histories this term so be prepared for some lovely, meaningful story/memory sharing with your little one. Today a note went home regarding history for Term 3.
The note went as follows if you missed it....
27th July 2016

Dear Parents,

Over Term 3 we will be engaging in various learning activities based on personal and family histories.
We will look at what their personal history is, what stories people tell about the past and how stories of the past can be told and shared.

For next week (week 3) could you provide your child with photographs/pictures of the people in their family (mother, father, siblings, grandparents’). We would like to keep and use the pictures so a photocopy or print out would be best. On the back of each picture please write the person’s name, age, year of birth and where they were born.  Please discuss how each person is related.

Next week for news please help your child by preparing news related to an object/picture from the past that is special to your family or someone in your family. A printed photograph of the item is fine. Discuss what it is or what it shows, why it is important, how old it is, where it’s from and anything else of interest.

Thank you for your assistance.

Kristie Leahy

A few things....
  • please remember to bring in fruit for sharing each day. We have been a little short this week.
  • We have a lot of free spaces on our Parent Help roster. We really appreciate and rely on our wonderful parent helpers.
A few pics from this week......
Pattern making

CVC writing with S A T P I N letters


Playing 'Pop"

Olympic games play outside

Olympic medal making

Olympic events

Barbie swimming

More 'Pop' playing

Creating families with our doll houses

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