Monday, August 1, 2016

Sorting it out in PPL!!

Reading fun
Our amazing children have been working very hard learning to blend and segment CVC words and are improving out of sight!! They have also been READING books!! The P&F have very generously assisted Pre-Primary in purchasing a large number of new reading books to use in our classrooms. Thank you so much to the P&F!!!

Sight words
It is very exciting for the children to begin learning sight words. Please spend some time  reading and writing the first five words at home and try to keep it fun. We will complete regular checks at school to assess the children's progress. When your child is ready we will send home the next set of word, but remember to keep practising the mastered words.

Maths sorting
During maths the children have been sorting objects according to their attributes. They have even been using a Venn Diagram!!!

This week during news the students have been looking at some amazing things from their families past. So far we've seen Spencer's great grandfathers special ring and Joshua showed us his mum and dads most treasured teddy bears. It is so wonderful seeing and hearing about these things from long ago.

West Oz Wildlife visit
This Monday (8th August) two animal keepers will visit our classrooms to give our children an opportunity to get up close and personal with some amazing Australian wildlife. Don't forget to bring in $10 by this Wednesday (tomorrow) to help cover costs.

Mission Market
Next Friday (12th August) is our Mission Market day. PPL and PPB are holding a cake stall. We ask that each child brings in small cakes/biscuits/slices/small bags of popcorn that can be sold individually at the mission market. We will also need 2 parents from each class to come and give a hand with the selling on the day. Please let us know if you are able to help.

Pupil Free day
Just a reminder that Friday 19th August is a pupil free day.

Just a few pictures....

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