Monday, August 15, 2016

The Olympics and Home Readers

Home Readers
Over the next few weeks all children will begin to bring home a 'home reader'. This will be either a small book or a printed booklet. The books will be changed each day and the real books need to be returned before another book will be issued.  The printed out booklets may be kept at home. The teachers and EA's of our ECC area will change the children's books once they have been read and a new one will be placed in their folder. Please record the book in the R.E.D (Read Every Day) reading log.
Please take care of the books and don't read them while eating or around food and drink. They have been purchased for us by our wonderful P&F and have cost a lot of money.

Homework Packs
The homework packs from last term are still available for use this term. If you would like to take one home to play with your child please feel free. It is not compulsory. If you do take one please write what one you have taken on the sheet in the box and cross it off when you return it.

Pupil free day
Remember that this Friday is a pupil free day.

Interviewing a Grandparent
This Wednesday your child will bring home an interview sheet to fill in. If possible could you organise a time for your child to sit and talk with an elderly relative. We have read the story 'Wilfred Gordon MacDonald Partridge' by Mem Fox where a little boy helps an elderly lady find her memories. He finds out about 5 types of memories: something warm, something from long ago, something that makes you cry, something that makes you laugh, and something as precious as gold. We would love to see if your elderly relatives could share some of their memories with your child. Maybe they could sit and share the story together and then ask them about their memories. Please bring the interview sheets in on Monday of next week for us to read and share.

The Pre-Primary Olympics
The Olympic games are well under way in Rio as well as in the OLC Pre-Primary Dunsborough. We have been participating in our own Olympic events in our outside time during the mornings.

Shot put


High jump

Sand castle building and decoration

Weight lifting

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