Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Learning Journeys and Olden Days day.

 Learning Journeys
On Monday the 12th of September the Pre-primary classes will be having their Learning Journey sessions.  This is a time when parents can visit the classrooms and participate in activities with their children that are representative of the types of learning experiences that their children are involved in during daily routines.  This time is especially beneficial for parents who cannot normally attend Gathering Time and Classroom Parent Help rosters.  (So send dad if he hasn’t been into the classroom yet).
We ask you to select one of two time slots available by entering your name on the sheet displayed  on the Parent Information board.  This is a ‘first in first served’ situation as we wish to keep the groups even in numbers.
The time slots will be;
3.30pm – 4.00pm.
4.00pm – 4.30pm.
At the completion of the Learning Journey session you will be asked to fill in a Two Stars and a Wish sheet which will provide your child with feedback about how you are feeling about their learning. Two positive comments and one constructive one.
It is expected that all children and a family representative will attend this session.

Calendar Art
Your child's calendar art is on display in the folder next to the fruit bowl. Please view the art.  If you wish to purchase the calendar or have cards made then please put your order form to Mrs Leahy or Mrs Martin.  Include the correct payment.  Forms were sent home a couple of weeks ago. If you have lost yours then please see the lovely ladies in the office. 

Olden Days day
Next week we will have an Olden Days day on Wednesday the 14th of September.. A note will go home shortly but just to prep you.... Your child will have to dress up in olden days clothes.  This can be from any era. 
If you have any interesting things from the olden days then please send them in for us to view and discuss.

School Photos
PPL is first up tomorrow at 9am.

Week 10
Just to let you know, Mrs Leahy has taken some leave for week 10 this term. Mrs Martin will be replacing Mrs Leahy.

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