Sunday, October 16, 2016

Final term of Pre Primary!!!!

Welcome back to Term 4. It's hard to believe we are in the final term of the year and our wonderful kids will be moving on to Year 1!!!!
Well done to the pre primaries for their super effort in the sports carnival!! Everyone tried really hard in their events and also enjoyed cheering the rest of the school on. It was a really nice way to start term 4 as well as being glorious weather.
Just a few reminders for this term:

  • Gathering time writing will continue with the children having the same days as last term. On their non-writing day this will be their gathering time reading day. The children are required to sit with their parent and read their home reader before putting their folder in the box. Parents please record that they have read to you that morning on their reading folder log. Please also be willing to listen to another child read if their parent is not there. Once they have completed their writing or reading they may then go and do an activity at a table or on the floor.
  • Sight words - please keep practicing reading and writing the sight words your child has. It is important that they can read and spell the first 25 sight words before they head into year 1.
  • Assembly - our class is joining with the other pre primary class to perform a shared assembly. This will be on week 3, Friday 28/10. You will receive additional information soon regarding costumes etc.
  • News - this will begin in week 4 and the children will be allocated a new day.
  • Staff and pupil free day - on Monday week 5, 7/11
  • Please remember that there is no fruit sharing this term. Please pack morning tea for your child.
  • Return - please return your child's portfolio if you haven't already. We are collating their work from last term and getting ready to include the fabulous work they complete this term. Also bring back their pillows for rest and reading time.
  • Parent help roster - we absolutely love having our wonderful parents in to help us so please write your name on the parent help roster. 
See you at the fete this Sunday!!!
Mrs Leahy and Mrs Martin

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