Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Week 2 Term 1

Thank you to everyone for attending the Pre-Primary parent information session. If you were unable to attend you may pick up the pack that was handed out from your classroom teachers.
It has been a very big transition to big school for our little people. There are a lot of very tired kids. Unfortunately they may be extra grumpy for you. It takes a lot of energy to listen, concentrate, learn and behave appropriately all day so kids tend to 'let it all out' when they get home. Some kids really need that 'release'. Try and have some easy relaxing afternoons and give them lots of love and cuddles.

Sound focus
Each fortnight I will write on the blog what sounds we are learning for the fortnight. At home you can play some games like 'I Spy', 'Find that letter', 'Letter Muncher' etc and also use the sounds cards from your pack to practise saying the sounds and recognising the symbol that makes that sound.
This fortnight we are leaning: s, a, t, p, i, n (the yellow set from the pack).
Pronouncing the alphabet
This a link to PLD video regarding the correct pronunciation of the alphabet. Have a look as it will help you when helping you child.

Gathering time
Gathering time has been working very well. Please make sure your child practises writing their name, wipes it clean and places it in the tub. It is wonderful learning time that you can share with your child so encourage them to choose an activity on the tables or floor to do with you. We would like the children to take ownership of their classroom so encourage them to help put out the chairs if they  aren't out already and help pack away the activities when it is time.

Absentee, pick up and parent roster
Just a reminder to fill in an absentee form if your child has been away at all. You may also email an absentee note just remember to include the following: parent and child's full name, reason for absence, class roll group (PPL), dates of absence and name of parent at the bottom.
We have a diary near the absentee notes and parent helper roster for you to write any messages regarding any pick up changes etc.
We love having our wonderful parents in our room so please add your name to our parent roster.

Our library day is Wednesday. The students will bring home a book from the library in their library bag. They keep it until the next Wednesday when it needs to be brought back to school in their library bag. There will be a box in the classroom for the children to place their library bag into on the Wednesday morning.

We've heard a lot of interesting holiday stories so far. Thanks to everyone for being so organised. We have a news box on top of our tall shelves for where any news items are to be kept. Feel free to email us any photos if your child would like to use them for their news. Just let us know you have sent one through as we don't have time to check during the day.

Have a wonderful and restful weekend. Might be just the weather for a quiet weekend at home.
Kristie and Alison

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