Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week 7

Only three weeks to go.......where did this term go?!?!? Keep up the awesome work!!😀
Letter sound focus
This fortnight we have been learning the sounds GLOUFB. This is the third set of letters (green set). Keep up with practising all of the letter sounds we have looked at. The final set of letters is VWXYZJKQ which we will begin this week. 
Here is a reminder of how the sounds are pronounced.

We have been practising the skill of subitisation along with counting very carefully. The number 6 is our focus for the coming week.

Parent Interviews
Parent Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Week Nine through out the whole school. All parents are expected to attend a meeting where information will be exchanged between parents and teachers about the students.  We have begun this process a little earlier. A roster will be placed on the parent information board for you to put your name on.  Hopefully we will find times that suit everyone!

This week in science we will be investigating melting. Next week we plan to build an iceberg created by the whole school!!!

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful parent help!!! As you have seen we are very busy in pre primary and absolutely appreciate your help.

 Kristie and Alison 

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