Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Term 2

Welcome back!!! What fabulous weather we had these holidays!! We hope you all had a wonderful break.

A few notes for this term.....

There will be a few changes to routine this term.  Please read below and feel free to ask questions tomorrow if you need to clarify anything. 

Morning Tea.
Out with the Fruit Tray in with the packed recess! That's right.  Due to popular demand the children will no longer share fruit.  Instead we ask you to pack a morning tea for your child in a separate lunch box.  This morning tea should be primarily fruit which is pre cut and peeled if necessary.  Sadly teachers and assistants do not have time to cut up large pieces of fruit for children. You are welcome to include cheese and crackers in these recess boxes too.  
This will begin officially next Monday the 1st of May.  However you may begin tomorrow if you wish.

News Roster.
A new sharing roster will be sent home this week ready to begin next week. Check your child's bag. Please note - on the roster will be topics for each fortnight.  Please try to stick to these topics and do not give your child more than two things to talk about. 
Gathering Time.
Beginning next Monday the 1st of May, the children will have rostered activities to complete each morning between 8.30am and 8.50am.  Parents will only be required to stay if their child is doing their Writing Journal. The children can work independently at the other stations so we ask those parents to say goodbye and leave promptly.  This will ease the problem of congestion and noise during Gathering Time.  We would also ask that you supervise younger siblings in the classroom.  
There will be an ANZAC Ceremony at school on Thursday.  On Wednesday we will discuss ANZAC Day in class.  Our aim is to foster respect not to traumatise the children.  It will be dealt with with sensitivity and not in too much detail.

We have covered the alphabet comprehensively last term and it was covered in Kindy.  From this point children not recalling and writing their alphabet sounds will be placed into revision groups.  Those children who know their alphabet sounds will progress to early reading and writing activities. All children will be retested to check their retention over the coming week.  Daily drills of alphabet sounds will continue for the whole class until the end of the year. It is of high importance that you keep up the card drills at home too.  
We will be working with onset and rime to develop the ability to blend sounds. This means we give the children the initial sounds and then the end sound combined and ask them to listen, blend and say the full word.  eg.  c-at.  cat.   r-at.   rat.  m-at.  mat.  b-at.  bat. When doing this we will look at word families.   eg.  The -at family. 
When children show that they can blend the two sounds we will progress to blending three sounds in CVC words.  eg.  c-a-t   cat.  r-a-t.  rat.  
The ability to hear these sounds, blend them and later to segment them are crucial precursors to reading and writing. 

Pencil Grip
Last term we sent home pictures of the correct way to hold a pencil.  When your child is writing, drawing or colouring please insist that they use the correct pencil grip.

See you tomorrow
Kristie and Alison

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