Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Half way through Term 2!!!!!

Half way through Term 2 already!!! There has been so much wonderful learning happening. We are so proud of everyone and their efforts.
 We have been learning about our feelings by using our beautiful Kimochis Dolls.  
First we met the gorgeous 'Lovey Dove' and her adopted baby 'Turtle Dove".  
Lovey Dove has been teaching us about the emotions of kind and proud. 

We have also met Cloud and Huggtopus.  Cloud is a bit moody and unpredictable, just like the weather!  When cloud is happy he spreads sunshine, but when you turn his head, his sad face signals that he might 'rain on your parade'
He teaches us to be responsible and use self-soothing strategies to comfort and regulate upset feelings. Mums and Dads might like to look at the video below of a class of similar aged students learning about the Calm Down Breath.  We did this last week.  
The Calm Down Breath
Huggtopus is all smiles and hugs. She is affectionate and sometimes gets a little carried away by her big, friendly personality. Huggs has taught us the 'Not Now' signal. Sometimes adults are busy and can't talk to us, so if we see the adult making the not now signal it reminds us that we just need to step back and wait until the adult is free to talk. We can show you the 'not now' signal and maybe you can use it at home.

Lovey Dove has been going home to people's homes.  She loves to visit. Please use the little booklet inside her bag to find out more about Lovey Dove.  Please look after her very well, keep her clean and handle her gently. Cloud is going to begin home visits very soon too.  

Literacy - Onset and Rime
We have learnt about 'word families' and have said, read and written them. We have to use very careful listening to hear the two sounds and the zip them together to make a word. We are becoming so clever that we are now zipping up three letter words!!!

Numeracy - 11-20

Our challenge this term is to learn about and confidently use the numbers between 10 and 20.  
Each week we focus on a new number.  We use MABs, ten frames, tallys, words and number symbols to represent this number. 

Number sorts

The Number Race Game

Making numbers using a ten frame

In Science we are learning about Day and Night and how things change. We have drawn what we see looking out of our bedroom window at night. Come in and have a look.

Teddy Bears Picnic and Little Seedlings
Thursday 1st June  9.15-10.15 at the Kindy. Feel free to mention to any of your friends who have younger children.
Little Seedlings - begins on Friday 2nd June
Please ring to register if you or your friends with younger children are interested.

Public Holiday and Catholicity Day
The public holiday is Monday of week 7 (5th June) and the Catholicity Day is Tuesday of week 7 (6th June). Children do not come to school on both days.

PPL Assembly
Friday 23rd of June. Please let us know if you know already that your child will not be here on that day.

Thanks for all your help each day, it is greatly appreciated.
Kristie and Alison

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