Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Weeks of wonderful learning!!!

WOW!! There has been so much wonderful learning happening in PPL over the past few weeks!! We have been soooo busy!!
We are in the middle of assembly practice ready for our performance on Friday 23rd June. Everyone will receive a note regarding the dress requirements for our assembly. If you don't get a note by the end of this week please come and see Kristie or Alison.

We are absolutely amazed at the effort our Pre-Primaries have been putting in to their writing. Some kids are trying out spaces between words, using a capital letter at the beginning and finishing with a fullstop. Awesome work!!!
During gathering time please remember to encourage your children to 'have-a-go' at writing.  It is OK to make mistakes. The most important thing now is to listen for sounds and write down the sounds you can hear. 
Next term we will learn some sight words and they will need to be correct in our writing.  As we learn more about phonics our spelling requirements will increase. 
Please make sure that you have done the Writing Journal with your child at least once a week during Gathering Time. 


Some children are showing readiness for reading. We will begin to test children and give them a reading book next term as they show readiness and confidence.  We will equip you with some background reading at that stage. 

Fairy Tale Dress Up Day.

This will be held in week 10.  We are just finalising the day and we will let you know ASAP.
Remember no super heroes... and preferably no Elsa's.  Lets get creative... but keep it simple.  A pair of shorts and a t shirt along with a cap and some donkey ears would make a great Pinocchio.  

Don't forget.........
School disco: Friday 23rd from 4.30-6pm. Parents are required to stay at the disco for this age group.

OLC Grandparents Day: Tuesday 27th from 9-11am. The office would like to know numbers so please make sure you return your attendance note.

Number sorts

Number search

Representing numbers

Pattern making

Making and writing CVC words

Experimenting with our shadows in Science

Thank you 
Kristie and Alison

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