Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Hello to everyone and welcome back for Term 3.  We hope you have had a very relaxing break and enjoyed some quality time with your children.  
Following are a few reminders in order to get Term Three off to a smooth start. 
  • Please return your child's portfolio.  It should be in the order it was when it went home.  
  • Term three is often the worse term for coughs, colds and bugs.  If your child is unwell then please keep them at home in an effort to reduce the spread of germs.   
  • This term your child will receive a 'reading book'.  When they receive reading books will depend on their tested readiness. For this they will require a reading bag.  An example folder is on display in the classroom as you walk in. Folders can be purchased at local news-agencies.  Reading bags must be waterproof and a sensible size.  Please bring them in asap.
  • A note about home reading and how to do it will accompany the first readers.  
  • The children received sets of Sight Words this week.  A note of explanation accompanied these.  
  • Please keep us informed about things that are holding your child's interest. We always endeavour to plan activities that draw on children's interests in order to strengthen engagement. This term we will begin by looking at animals.  Insects, Australian and the "Deadly 60".  
  • Please fill in the parent help roster as soon as possible.
  • Daily writing days (gathering time) have stayed the same. If another day is more suitable for you to come in and assist your child please let Mrs Leahy or Mrs Martin know and we can change the day.
Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions or would like to discuss something please don't hesitate to come and see us.
Kristie and Alison

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