Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A few important updates

A few important updates.......

Reading Folder
Thank you for purchasing a reading folder for your child. We have begun sending them home with a home reader inside. We will also use it for sending out a new set of high frequency words to learn and any other notes for parents. The recommended type of folder was selected due to it's durability. Folders will be passed onto your child's Year One teacher next year. We have students in year three still using their original folder. Unfortunately we were unable to put this folder on the book list as the company we go through does not supply them. It is nice to know though, that we are supporting a local business by purchasing them in town.
Please bring the folders in every day. They are to be placed in the box located on the table facing the entrance of the classroom. To encourage independence please have your child place their folder in the box themselves.
Also make it a habit to check the folder every day for notes etc.

Home Readers
The books will be changed each day and need to be returned before another book will be issued.  The teachers and EA's of our ECC area will change the children's books once they have been read and a new one will be placed in their folder. Please record the book in the reading log. These books are expensive to purchase so keeping them safe from food, drink, pets and younger siblings will ensure they last for a long time.
Most importantly enjoy reading time with your child. They have come so far from the beginning of the year and are now readers and writers!! If you have any questions regarding this please come and see us.

Mission Market
Next Tuesday is our Mission Market day.  PPL and PPB are holding a cake stall. We ask that each child brings in small cakes/biscuits/slices/small bags of popcorn that can be sold individually at the mission market. We will also need 2 parents from each class to come and give a hand with the selling on the day. Please let us know if you are able to help.

Parent Roster
Thanks again for almost filling up our parent roster. We rely on our wonderful parent helpers and everyone does such an amazing job. We check the roster each morning to see if we have a helper as it determines how our morning activities will run. So if you would like to help please come in and write your name on the roster.

News: Weeks 6-10
This term we are looking at things from the past in History. At present we have 'Re-Cyclops' in our room who is made up of items from the past. It has been lent to us very generously and needs to be looked after. The children may touch the typewriter but if you could chat to them about not touching the other parts that would be great.
From weeks 6-10 of the term news will be related to our personal and family histories. Please help your child to prepare news related to an object/picture from the past that is special to your family or someone in your family. A photograph of the item is fine. Discuss what it is or what it shows, why it is important, how old it is, where it’s from and anything else of interest.

Pupil free Day
A reminder that next Friday 18th August is a pupil free day.

School photos
School photos are on 24th and 25th August. If you would like some family photos you will need to go to the office and get an order form/code.

School Production
The school production is on the 7th and 8th of September. You can purchase your tickets at the office. It is amazing what Mrs Horrocks and the year 5 and 6 teachers get the children to do. It well worth going to see the show!!

Kristie and Alison

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