Monday, September 11, 2017

Sports Carnival and more.....

A few important reminders....

1.  Faction Sports Carnival.   This will occur on Thursday this week.  The Pres will have a running race and participate in two team games.  These events will begin at 9.15am.  Please drop your child off to the classroom and then move down to the oval to find a good viewing position in the parent's bay.  The children will move down as a class group about 8.50am so please ensure that you arrive at school no later than 8.45am.  All children will be required to wear their faction t-shirt and shorts. Please apply sunscreen to your child before school. The children will watch a couple of events after their own and then move back to the classroom.
Please check the information in the newsletter about faction Sports Carnival. 

2. Sight Words  Please continue to review the sight words on a daily basis.  Our in class testing has shown some great knowledge of the first 15 sight words. Your child will only receive a new set of sight words if he/she can correctly read and write the words they currently have. When they are sent home I attach a note that may contain words they need extra practise with.

3. ch and sh.   We have now completed a lot of learning on these two diagraphs.  Please watch for the correct use of these diagraphs in your child's writing and correct them if they have been misused.

4. Home Reading. Please fill in the reading log and return the Home Reading folder to school each day.  If the reading log is not signed then we will not exchange it.  If you would like your child to have the same book again then please indicate this in the log.  We endeavour to change home readers on a daily basic but there are some days when this is difficult to achieve.  If you receive the same reader then use it as an opportunity to reread and deepen the discussions about the text. 

5. Outdoor Classroom Day. ​ On Thursday we participated in the World Outdoor Classroom Day.  It was a wonderful experience.  The children had an amazing day with great learning, beautiful behaviour and beautiful sense of calmness being noticed by all adults present.  I will post some photographs in another blog post to come.  In the meantime have a look at this weeks Early Childhood Corner in the newsletter.

6.  Absentee Notes. ​ We presently have a number of outstanding absentee notes.  Please ensure that you have sent in a signed note for each absence that your child has. 

7. Christmas Shoe Boxes.  Thank you for bringing in the item and $2.50 for the Christmas shoe box appeal. If you haven't brought them in then, please could we have them by the end of this week.

Thank you for your continuing support in PPL as parent helpers. Our mornings are very important learning times which are always enhanced by your amazing help.

Kristie and Alison

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