Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sports carnival, Olden Days day, Outdoor Classroom Day

Sports Carnival
Just a reminder that the OLC Sports Carnival is tomorrow. The PP's can wear their coloured faction top and either their tracksuit pants or shorts - whatever they are comfortable in.

Olden Days Day
Earlier this term we told you that we were to have an Olden Days Dress Up Day at the end of this term.  It will next Wednesday the 20th of September.
Please dress your child in a costume from 'yesteryear'.  The costume can be from any era.
As you dress your child please talk to them about what they are wearing so that they can share this information with their classmates.
eg.  Braces are for holding up your 'trousers'.  Caps are for keeping your head warm.  Bonnets are for keeping the sun off your head and face.  Girls wore lace up boots to keep their feet dry in the olden days.  Ladies wore gloves to protect their skin from the sun...or to look elegant.
Ladies put their long hair up in buns as that was the fashion.  Ladies wore long skirts as some people thought it was a bit rude to show off your legs.  etc  etc.
We will need three parent helpers on the day to man learning stations.  Please see me if you can help.
If you have anything from 'the olden days' that we could display on an Olden Days interest table we would love to see them next week.
Morning Tea and Lunch are to be packed as per normal.

Outdoor Classroom Day
Last Thursday we thoroughly enjoyed Outdoor Classroom Day. We had a huge range of activities for them to engage in and they were able to choose which activity they wanted to do. The children were so settled, engaged and happy all day!! It was such a positive and amazing experience for everyone.

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