Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Welcome back to Term 4

Welcome back to our last term of Pre-Primary!!! It sounds like everyone had a busy and enjoyable break!!

Gathering Time
There are a few changes to our gathering time roster.

Gathering Time Station Roster – Term 4
Writing Journal
 Lawson, Luka, Oliver, Elsie, Evelyn, Marley, Charli
Scarlett, Kye, James J, Hayden, James R, Ruby
Jax, Sofia, Chelsea, Darcy, Hugh, Thomas, Oscar
Harper, Tiare, Noah, Tristan, Lyla, Oceania, Emily
Jax, Sofia, Chelsea, Darcy, Hugh, Thomas, Oscar
Harper, Tiare, Noah, Tristan, Lyla, Oceania, Emily
Lawson, Luka, Oliver, Elsie, Evelyn, Marley, Charli
Scarlett, Kye, James J, Hayden, James R, Ruby

·         Writing Journals will continue the same as last term. Please stay to help your child with their writing. Remind them to use spaces between words, capital letters to start the sentence and full stops at the end. Encourage them to listen carefully for the sounds in words they are trying to write and help them with difficult words.
·         At the reading station (in the class library) your child needs to read their home reader to an adult. (You are more than welcome to sit in the reading station on any morning to listen to kids read) It is ok that they have read the book already. Frequent reading of a familiar book builds success and provides an opportunity to practise fluency.

·         Otherwise children can choose what station they would like to go to during gathering time. They need to write their name in the stations boxes that they chose to go on the interactive white board.

    Term four in Pre primary is a big one. 
    We have laid lots of foundation stones for future learning and we want to make sure that these are set in concrete before they head off to Year One. 

What should your child be able to do before they enter Year One in order to make a smooth transition?

1. Recognise all the the letters of the alphabet, say the sound for the letter and correctly form the symbol for the letter.  They should be able to discern between capital letters and lower case letters. 
2.  Zip up and unzip CVC words.  That is words that are Consonant Vowel Consonant words.  Eg.  cat.   c + a + t = cat.   Unzip  cat.  The sounds are c  a  t. 
3. Read and write their first 25 sight words. These should be being practised at home every night.  Many children are now working on words beyond the first 25. The recall of these sight words gives children a significant advantage when reading and writing and  greater confidence to 'have-a-go' at reading tasks. 
4. The children have been exposed to the digraphs sh, ch, th(soft) and  th(hard). They should begin to use these in writing and recognise them in reading. 
5. When writing the children should write from left to right.  They should be separating words and representing the key sounds in words they are trying to write. They should begin sentences with a capital letter and end with a full stop.
6. All children should count to 20 with one-to-one correspondence and be able to count down from 20 to 0 correctly (this is hard...number 13 often totally disappears!)  They must be able to read and write the numbers to 20. 
7.  Children should be encouraged to read, write and count with numbers beyond 20. 

So what should you do at home? Be aware of these expectations and reinforce learning at school by allowing time for reading and writing at home in a fun play setting.  Give opportunity for meaningful counting activities. Eg. When travelling to Perth...Try spotting the windmills between Bunbury and Perth.  How many can you find?

Play board games with number tracks.  Board games are great for learning to take turns, be tolerant and encourage each other.  
Use mathematical language like more and less.
Read every night.  5mins. .
Do your sight words every night.  5mins. 

We are learning about families of the world this term. Could you please send in a photo of your family that we can use and display (a photocopy if possible). We would also love to know of any different cultures within your families that we could include in our investigation.

Don't forget to fill up our parent roster!!! 

Thank you 
Kristie Leahy

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