Thursday, November 30, 2017

A few reminders for our final week.

The Christmas play and awards evening
The Christmas Play and Awards Evening will be held next Wednesday the 6th of December at  5.30 pm.  Please bring your child to the lawn area outside of the hall by 5.15 pm.  They will need to line up there and wait to walk in as a class group. They do not sit with parents.   
The children are to wear Christmas colours. 
Please make sure that your child has eaten, had a drink and been to the toilet before they enter the hall. 
The Pre primary children do not receive awards.  Instead they will each receive a small book to recognise the amazing effort that each and everyone of them have put into their first formal year of schooling.  
The session should not take longer than an hour and a half. 

St Vinnies Box
  Please bring in something for our St Vinnies box as soon as you can.  This is such a good cause. 

Final day

A reminder that the Pres do not go to the beach next Friday with the older children.  Instead we will have a fun day here at school on the Thursday.  Weather permitting, they will need their bathers for some safe water play

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