Sunday, November 12, 2017

Multicultural Morning

Dear Parents,

This term we have been looking at cultures other than our own.  The children have shown a lot of interest in 'The World' and we feel this is important to follow up on their inquiry as there are very few cultures other than "Aussie" represented here at OLC.  As we all know this is not the case in larger towns and cities any more and our children need to be aware of and tolerant to traditions and customs other that the ones we have here in our little town of Dunsborough.
On Thursday the 30th of November between 9am and 11am we will have a special "Around the World Day" with the other Pre Primary class (PPB).   
For this occasion we would like to set up a number of 15 minute activities that will give the children a glimpse into other cultures.  We have already secured a spot for Spanish castanet playing and a Spanish Dance presentation.  We would love some parent volunteers to share their knowledge of another country with us.  Art/craft, cooking, dance, music, games and activities that last for about 15 minutes would be perfect. It would be especially good if this activity is drawn from your own cultural heritage and you could share your connection with this country to the children.
If you would like to be helper on the day but don't wish to prepare an activity then please let us know too.
To make it extra special it would be great if the children could dress in clothes from another country.  We know this is a big ask straight after Book Week Costumes but they don't have to be fancy.  

A simple addition of a beret would make a 'French Connection', a Mexican sombrero, Indonesian sarong or a kimono...just a few ideas.
Please let us know if you are able to contribute or participate via email.

Many thanks,
Mrs Martin

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