Sunday, February 18, 2018

Busy Bees, Library books and Comprehension packs.

Thank you all for your attendance at our parent Information Session. 
We  had almost  a 100% turn out. Please come and see me if you were unable to attend for any information you may have missed.

Tired Children

Mrs Birch happened across this article on the big wide web and we felt it was very appropriate to share with you all at this time.
The article refers to Kindy children but please remember your children are now, suddenly, full time at school. 
Please click on the link below.
A letter to mum from your child. Dad's to read too!

Be reassured that we are considering your child's needs constantly.  We allow for rest times, regular water and toilet breaks.  Please speak to us if you are worried at all about your child.

Busy Bee Excitement

As mentioned at the Parent Information Night we have a Busy Bee on this Saturday.  It is very close.  Starry from our class has offered to do some work and add his ideas and some PPB parents have offered plants and painting skills.
There is a sheet next to our parent roster for you to write your name if you are able to help out.
Mr Wilkie put a note in our school newsletter on Friday about the Busy Bee.
There are lots of jobs to do so come and help us out!

Below are photos from the playground at Vasse Coles.  We would like to put a balance/stepping stone walkway into our play ground like this.
There will be mulch to spread, weeds to pull, trees to trim, pavers to high pressure clean and cobwebs and bird poo to remove!
We really want to put in a bike path but that may have to wait until the next busy bee.

Each Wednesday your child receives a library book.  Please treat this book like gold.  Keep it at home until after the weekend and then place it in its library bag and return it to the library box in the classroom.  Your child must have returned their library book by Wednesday morning in order to receive a library book for the next week.  

The children also bring home a PLD Comprehension Pack each week.  This pack contains a story book and a question card.  The ideas is that you read the book to your children and then ask them the questions on the card.  Try to create conversation about the text and encourage deep thinking. This too, must be returned by 9am each Wednesday so that it can be swapped. As these books are limited in number they are swapped on a rotational basis.  If you don't return your book on time then the child due to have that book next is compromised.  

We are presently working to encourage the children to ask questions.  Asking questions is central to inquiry learning.  We have discussed question words like who, where, when, what, how and why. 
We honour all questions and answer them in the best way that we can or preferably help the children to answer them for themselves. 

Next week we will begin the On entry testing.  All Pre primary students in WA complete this testing.  It gives us a sound indication as to what your child's learning needs are and also gives us a base from which to measure their future growth.  While this testing is happening Mrs Sorgiovanni will take our class and I will be testing. It is completed in two 20 minute sections.  Your child will go with Mrs Leahy to the library or staff room and answer a series of  questions.  The children usually love this chance of having some one to one attention from their teacher and skip all the way there and back!  The results are sent off, collated and a parent report is sent back and handed to parents at the Parent Teacher interviews in week 9. 

We will be discussing 'Developing a Trusted Network' in our Keeping Safe lesson this week. We will identify 'people who are close to me' and 'people who are important to me' to help children identify people that could be in their trusted network.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to come and see me or send me an email.
Thanks Kristie

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