Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Fantastic Fun Fridays

Dear Parents,

As you have observed our Fridays are very busy, so it's about time I filled you in with how much fun we have been having together. The Pre-Primaries and Kindies have well and truly settled in to their Friday routine and  I am so proud of how well they are working together to look after one another and make new friends.

In the morning, the Pre-Primaries have their programme and the Kindies continue on their weekly programme. Then they Both get to go to library together. In the afternoons we have integrated learning time as a whole class and even get to spend time with  PPB and the Year One's. We have the home corner open, construction, building, play dough, junk modelling, interest areas and the art tables. It's wonderful to see them playing and working so independently in the learning centres.

In Pre-Primary On Fridays,  we have a big focus on measurement in mathematics. The children are also involved in rich literature and language experiences. Their favourite story has been Mister Seahorse. The Pre's learnt that the male sea horse carries the babies in his pouch. Beau told the class this fact as we were looking at the title page and why it was called Mister Seahorse.  It's pretty special how a cover page can tell us so much about the written story.

Check out the  fun we are having on  Fridays...

Making 2D shapes with our bodies. 

Who has the longest tower?  lets line them up and see?

Who has the longest or shortest foot? lets measure with blocks and see?  

MONSTER MEASURING: How tall or how long is my monster?   

Measuring happens everywhere... even outside the classroom. 

The children went on a measuring hunt to find things that were longer and shorter then their piece of string. 

Our very first Friday: Making our own unique bodies. 

The story of  the  Dirty Dinosaur: This dinosaur in the story was very busy playing in mud.

Having a go at illustrations just like the illustrator in the story; The Dirty Dinosaur. 

The illustrator used rainbow pencils and real mud. 

Zoe: " I want to splash splash down a waterslide"

Archie: "I want to jump jump around in muddy puddles"

Hugh: "I want to jump jump around in water"

Zoe.S: I want to walk walk around on stilts

The Pre's were very creative when they wanted to be messy and playful just like the dinosaur in the story. 

Happy Easter PPL!

See you all back for  Friday number 10. 

xxx Miss Horrocks 

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