Thursday, March 1, 2018

Half way!!! and a well earned rest.

A big thank you
Thank you to the wonderful parents who came and helped out at our Busy Bee last weekend. Between us we managed to get a lot accomplished. You may have noticed the new balance beam in the Pre primary playground, a fabulous mulched area with a 'fire pit' to toast marshmellows, paving under the mud kitchen, a few freshly planted veggie gardens in the PP area and a new lease of life given to the Kindy veggie garden. These were a few of the things that we managed to do on that day. Thanks again to the parents that were able to come. The change is amazing and so gratefully appreciated.
Some parents have mentioned donations of wood blocks, rocks etc. If you have something that you think may be handy please take a photo of it and show one of the PP teachers to see if it is suitable. We still have more to do in the next few weeks to finish off so if you could let us know as soon as possible that would be great.

Alphabet sounds
We have covered the sounds of S A T P I N and C H E R M D so far in class. Could you please continue to revise these sounds with your child, the more exposure to the symbol and sound the better!!! Just make sure they see the letter while they are making the sound so they can cement the sound/symbol connection. It is best to stay practising S A T P I N until your child has mastered the sounds of these letters before moving onto C H E R M D.
The next set of sounds will be F L O U G B.

Please watch the following Diana Rigg (founder of PLD Literacy and Learning) video on how to correctly pronounce the sounds of the letters. It's been a long time since learning these sounds for all of us so we need to make sure we are helping our children learn to correct way of saying each sound.

As you may be aware, the two Pre primary classes have been mixing together during the morning literacy dedicated time. The students have been grouped in a way so that specific needs can be targeted. If you have any queries don't hesitate to see me.

During numeracy we have been focusing on writing and recognising the number 1-10. The students have looked at the different ways a number can be represented, such as: tally marks, ten frames, objects, numeral, word, dots etc and we made our own number charts to show this. They have also investigated ways of showing how a number is made up using your fingers eg: 5 can be made up of 3 fingers and 2 fingers or 4 fingers and 1 finger etc. Have a look at our numeracy wall in our classroom where the students make an appearance.

During science we have been investigating water by looking at floating and sinking and the 'upthrust' of water. Our history activities have involved identifying the members of our families and creating a family tree. We are making a PPL family book using the family photographs you sent in. If you haven't sent one in yet could you please send one as soon as possible.

Our Keeping safe program has helped us to identify people who we don't know that would be able to help us. We could identify that someone wearing a name badge or who works behind a counter at the shops is someone who could help us if we were in trouble.

I'd like to thank all of the parent helpers we have had so far and to those who have stayed when there has been no one rostered on. I know we are a small class but we really rely on our parent helpers, so if you are able to help please put your name on our roster sheet as you walk in the door of our classroom.

This weekend is a very long weekend for the students.......enjoy the break and we'll see you back on Wednesday 7th March.

Kristie and Katie

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