Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Week 4

Reading Books
 A small group of children who are displaying readiness will receive home readers this week.  The books will be placed into their reading folders and swapped twice a week. Please take very good care of the readers and make sure they are placed back into your child's bag (in the folder) each day.
Please remember it is not a competition to see who has readers and who doesn't. Each child develops readiness at their own pace.  In recognising this we acknowledge the importance of differentiated learning and developmentally appropriate practice.  If a child is pushed into home reading too soon it can actually do more damage than good.  In saying this if your child receives a home reader but is not cooperative or keen to read at home please let us know ASAP.
All children should be on readers by the end of term three. If your child is not showing readiness, rest assured, we will contact you to discuss the matter well before then.

In our HASS studies this term we will be looking at where we live.  Beginning with our home.
It would be appreciated if all parents could send in a photograph of the street view of their home.  That is the front of their home. The children will use this in week 4 for an activity.
Please email this to kristie.leahy@cewa.edu.au

Living Things.
 In science this term we are looking at living things.  Beginning with a look at plants. If you happen upon any interesting plant growth feel free to bring them in. If you have any empty clear soda water bottles could you please bring them into our classroom. We will be using them to grow a plant from seed and will need them next week for Science.

Parent Helpers
Thankyou to the parents for placing their names on the PMP roster for Thursdays, Ms Holt really appreciates the help. We also have a lot of empty places on our morning classroom helper roster so if you have a morning to spare please fill in a space.

Kristie and Katie

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