Sunday, September 18, 2022

Term 3 Week 10

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We made it! It has been a big couple of weeks. The 'bug' that has made it's way through the students and teachers has been a horrible one and I think we all desperately need a rest and some sunshine. Just a reminded that it is extremely important that you keep your child home when they are sick. We have some immuno-compromised families within our class who need our help to protect them from illnesses.

Guest Artist

Today we had a guest artist, Andrew Fraser, in the classroom. He spent an hour with the students teaching them the skills of drawing a character.  Once we are finished you will be very impressed with our creative talents! A big thank you to the P&F for making this happen.

Sports Carnival

A big congratulations to all of the children for doing such a professional job at the carnival last Friday.  It was great to see a few blossoming champions and I was very proud of the children who put on their brave face and participated in the running when they were were not wanting to! 

Shoe Box Donations

Last call for shoe box donations.  We will be packing these on Tuesday.  If your child has not contributed then their group box will be incomplete. Remember all items must fit in a small shoe box. Each child must also contribute $2.50 to cover postage.  This is a wonderful incentive.  It warms our hearts to think that little children somewhere in the world will be receiving their first ever gift!


Don't forget that we still have school on Friday and it will be Mrs Neal's last day!! 

Hang in there!!

Kristie Leahy and the PPL team

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Week 9 Term 3

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It has been a very quiet week in PPL so far with only 10 students at school on Monday and Tuesday and only 14 here today.  It looks like the coughs and snotty noses have taken everyone out!!! Thanks for keeping them home while they are sick. 

English: Over the last few weeks we have learnt the digraphs 'wh' and 'th'. It is very important that you correct your child when they pronounce the 'th' sound as 'f'. Incorrect pronunciation will directly effect their attempt at spelling words that contain the 'th' sound.

We are working really hard on our writing still and are becoming very good at remembering capital letters to start, full stops to finish and spaces between words. The best part is when we remember how to write a particular tricky word in our sentence!!! We have also been trying to make our sentences more interesting but adding more detail.

Maths: Currently in maths we are looking at larger numbers and finding patterns that are hidden within a 100's chart! It is amazing how many you find when you look closely. 

Mrs Sweeny also helped us to make our very own analogue clocks and we have been practising how to read o'clock times.

Science: Mrs Neal has organised lots of interesting experiments lately using different 'materials'. Today we discovered the different strength of various materials. It was interesting to see which materials could hold the most weight!!

Just a few reminders... 

Faction Sports Carnival.

The Faction Sports carnival will be held on this Friday.  Preprimary children will compete in two team games and one running race.  These will be time tablelled directly after the kindy race first up in the morning so I suggest that you drop off your child and walk down to the oval to secure a good spot to view the action. The children will walk down as a class just after nine. Students should wear their faction t shirts, shorts (or trackies) and sandshoes. After their races they will watch for a while and then return to class. If you take your child home early after the carnival has finished then you must check in with me. 

Shoe Box Presents.

Please send in your gifts and $2.50  by the end of this week.  Refer to previous blogs for details. 

Extended Holidays.

If you are planning on leaving early for holidays then please fill in the extended holiday form at reception and let me know for planning purposes.  

Please be aware that formal learning will continue right through week 10. 

Week 10 will be Mrs Neal's last week. We congratulate her on her amazing effort all term. She has become a well loved member of our class and I know everyone will miss her. 

Kind regards,

Kristie Leahy and the PPL team

Monday, August 29, 2022

Week 7 Term 3

 Dear Parents,

Open Classroom Afternoon (Thursday 1st September) 

On Thursday of week 7 OLC will be holding an open classroom afternoon. Families are invited to attend with their children over the course of the afternoon at any stage between 3:30 pm and 5 pm. This is a time for the children to share their classwork with their families and celebrate their learning thus far in 2022. This is a good time to view your child’s work and discuss with them what they have learned. Please also take the time to celebrate your child's achievements!!!

PPL Assembly (Friday 2nd September)

This Friday, 2nd Sept, our class will be performing our class Fathers Day assembly in the school hall at 2.30pm. All parents are welcome to attend.


If your child is going to be absent for the day you are required to complete the online absentee form. Letting the teacher know is great but you will still have to submit an online absentee form for your child. Follow the link to complete the form: 


Shoe Box Gift 

The PP's are involved in a ‘Shoe Box Gift’ as a part of Operation Christmas child initiative to send underprivileged children throughout the world a gift for Christmas. 

The children will be placed into groups of four and between them they will fill a shoebox with a variety of items. The items can be made and do not need to be expensive if they are purchased. Each child in the group will be asked to cover the cost of sending the shoebox to its final destination. We ask them to bring in $2.50 each.  The children will be given time in the classroom to pack their shoeboxes and explore some of the places that their shoe boxes may be travelling to. 

Children will need to have their items in by the End of week 9 (Friday 16th September). 

Do Not Include

Lollies; chocolate or food; fruit rolls or other fruit snacks; drink mixes (powdered or liquid); liquid paint; toothpaste; shampoo; aerosol cans; bubbles; medicine; vitamins; used clothes; old toys; glass; porcelain; mirrors; war-related items; toy guns, knives; military figures; skull and crossbones; Halloween items; play money; dominoes; tracts and Bibles (children are given an Operation Christmas Child evangelistic book at an outreach event).

School photos

Please let us know if you did not receive a school photo note or a Operation Christmas shoebox note. Check in school bags or reading folders.

Important Dates  

OLC Open Afternoon 3:30 pm to 5 pm: Thursday 1st September (Week 7) 

School Photos: Thursday 8th September (Week 8) 

Shoe Box Gift: Friday 16th September (Week 9) 

OLC Athletics Carnival: Friday 16th September (Week 9) 

OLC's Got Talent: Friday 23rd September (Week 10)

If you have any question please see us in class or send us an email.


Kristie and the PPL team

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Term 3 Week 6

 Dear Parents/Guardians,

A big thank you for all of the birthday love I received last week. I had a great day, totally spoilt by everyone!! I must admit, having a birthday at work is not all that bad when you are surrounded by such loving and caring people!!!

Book Week Dress Up Day 

This Thursday, 25th August, we will celebrate Book Week. The children are invited (but not required) to dress up inspired by a book or character of their choice. We will not be having a whole school assembly to share costumes but will share our dress-ups with our Year group buddy class and then complete activities in class based around a short listed book for this years Book Week awards. After lunch we will walk around the school to see what every one has done.

The book we will be looking at is titled 'A Trip to the Hospital' by Freda Chiu. As part of one of our activities related to the book the children will need to bring in a teddy.

Don't forget..... it's a Student Free Day THIS FRIDAY!

Religious Education - Reconciliation Unit

This week we begin a new unit in our religion lesson that explores how people show love and forgiveness. Just like Jesus, people belong to a family. Your child will identify how Jesus and people show love in their families. They will also learn that sometimes family members need to ask for forgiveness of each other.

God loves and cares for everyone and invites people to be part of the family of the Church. The Bible helps people to know how to show love for God, their families and others. Your child will describe how people can show love to everyone.

When people hurt others, they are not showing love for God or others. It is not always easy to forgive and reconcile with others. Jesus taught people how to behave in order to have good relationships. Your child will explore the term, 'reconciliation', and describe how to be friends again and fix the relationship with those that have been hurt.


Lately we have learnt more letter sounds and new digraphs. Last week we were introduced to the 'ee' sound. It is a vowel digraph and makes the long 'e' sound as in 'week'. The last letter of the alphabet was also taught in the form of a single sound - 'z' and a digraph - 'zz'. We have discovered the the double letter digraphs such as 'll', 'ss', 'ff', 'zz', are only found at the end of words. We never begin a word with a double letter digraph. 

This week we reviewed the previously taught 'sh', 'qu' digraphs and have learnt the new 'ch' digraph. With every new sound we are taught we also learn how to correctly write each letter. 

During our morning gathering time writing we are becoming more familiar with writing on lines and are trying to form our letters using the correct size. We also practise six star writing: ⭐ for using a capital letter to start a sentence, ⭐ for using a full stop to end a sentence, ⭐ for using spaces between our words, ⭐ for forming letters correctly, ⭐ for attempting to write all the sounds we can hear, and ⭐ for writing a sentence that makes sense.

Tricky words: we continue to be introduced to more tricky words. Last week we were tested on our reading and spelling of the words that we were practising at home. Some of us need a little more practise spelling some words and others received a new set of words to learn. By learning to read and spell these words automatically, reading and writing will become a lot easier. We won't have to spend a lot of effort trying to work out a tricky word or write it if we already know it automatically.


During our maths lessons we continuing to learn about patterns. We know that in order to be a pattern it must repeat. We have constructed patterns using colours, shapes, blocks, gems and other items. This week we are constructing patterns through dance. By putting various animal movements into a sequence and making them repeat we are not only creating a pattern but also a funny dance!!!

Each week we dedicate time to identifying larger numbers and practising writing numbers correctly.


Our HASS learning has been focused on our personal and families histories. We will be sharing a Seesaw post shortly demonstrating what we have learnt. Don't forget to check Seesaw to see the posts that we have shared.


On Friday 2nd September our class will be holding our Father's Day assembly in the school hall.  Parents are more than welcome to come and join the other PP class and watch our assembly. A start time and other information will be shared next week.


Kristie and the PPL team

Monday, August 8, 2022

Term 3 Week 4

 Dear Parents and Guardians,

Mission Markets this Friday

The preprimary classrooms will be setting up a sensory activity area to fund raise for the missions on Friday the 12th of August.  To set this area up we will require donations of groceries we can use to make up these sensory experiences.  Eg.  Cornflour for Ooblek. 

This is the list of donations we need. If you could choose one of these things to please bring in by Thursday that would be greatly appreciated.


During our Initial lit sessions we are learning various 'digraphs'. Digraphs are when two letters join together to make one sound. So far we have learnt the digraphs 'ss', 'll' and 'ff'. These digraphs are only found at the end of words. For example: kiss, bell, puff.

This week we are learning the digraph 'sh'. This digraph can be found at the beginning and end of words. For example: shark and wish


Currently in maths lessons we are beginning to learn about patterns. We are looking at how patterns repeat and are identifying patterns within our environment. I wonder if there are patterns at your house??

Some messages from Mrs Neal.

Dear Families,
This week we are discussing 'Family celebrations' for HASS. If your family has any special traditions you do for celebrations, can you please share? It can be as simple as "when it's my birthday, I get to choose what we have for dinner, then we have a birthday cake". 
Please fill in the "Where are we from?" form that is in the reading folders and return as soon as possible.
We are also discussing Baptism during religion. If you have any baptism photos could you please send onto Mrs Leahy's email so we can share on Thursday.

Important dates for Term 3

Mission Markets and Mass: Friday 12th August (Week 4)

Pupil Free day: Friday 26th August (Week 6)

OLC open afternoon: Thursday 1st September (Week 7)

School Photos: Thursday 8th September (Week 8)

OLC Athletics carnival: Friday 16th September (Week 9)

OLC's got talent: Friday 23rd September (Week 10)


Kristie Leahy

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Term 3 Week 1

 Hi Parents and Guardians,

Just a little post to get you ready for Term 3.

Timetable for this semester

For this semester the Years K-2 will receive dance lessons each week with Miss Ellie Haines. Our lesson begins at 8.40am on Friday mornings so please make sure to be at school on time each Friday.

News Roster for Term 3

Please collect for Term 3:
We are in need of -  Cardboard tubes and buttons - assorted. If you have any could you please keep them for us.

Prac Teacher
We have Mrs Tarma Neal joining our class this term to complete her final teaching practice before she graduates. Please make her feel welcome.

Kristie Leahy

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Week 9 Term 2

 Hi Parents and Carers,

Only a couple of weeks to go!! Hopefully you have something nice planned to replenish the energy stores over the holidays. I'm heading to Warroora and Exmouth with my kids, hoping to get some warmth and relaxation. Pretty sure I'll see the rest of Dunsborough there too.

Last Day of Term - PJ Day

Next Friday 1st July both PP classes will be having a Pajama day. Everyone can wear their pj's to school for a day of stories and relaxing. We will have a shared morning tea too, so would the girls of PPL please bring in a small plate of food to share with the PP friends. (Next time we will ask the boys).


Every day your child is absent we need a signed note from a parent/carer. If you have any outstanding absent notes I will send home a note to be signed. Please sign it and bring it back to school as soon as possible.

A reminder on Home Readers

We have begun sending out home readers this week.  The book is kept for 2 nights and should be read on both nights. By reading the book twice it gives your child a feeling of reading success. The first nights read is usually when the hard word of decoding happens. On the second night your child will be familiar with the words and should decode easier and will also have an opportunity to practise fluency.

Our exchange days will be Monday and Wednesday (and Friday if your child is keen to read on the weekend). Please return your child's reading folder on these mornings.

So that we know your child has read the book, please sign in the reading folder. When it is signed, we know that your child has read the book and we can then swap it for a new one.

    It would be great if you could bring in a folder (as in the picture) for your child's reading folder, as they are more sturdy and will last for the next few years (they are used in years 1+2). You can purchase them from Seachange Dunsborough. Reading folders must be waterproof in order to protect our readers. In fact our readers are precious. Please treat them that way and ensure that they are returned each week, not drawn in and kept away from food. The P & F have funded the purchase of these CVC decodable readers and we appreciate all the hard work that went into fundraising. 

Tips to help with home reading....

When reading, your child should be encouraged to decode or 'sound out' each word (until they can read it without decoding). At present your child should recall the sound for the letters 'a' 'm' 'p' 's' 'f' 'i' 'r' 't' 'o' 'c' 'g' 'h' 'e' 'n' 'd'. It is expected that they may need assistance with letters beyond this group until they are covered in class. Allow your child time to sound out or segment the word and then blend the sounds. 

c - a - t   = cat  

Reread the sentence when all words have been sounded out.  Discuss the meaning of the sentences as the texts become more complex. 

Beginning reading requires lots of patience and positive feedback from parents. If we create a positive attitude towards reading in our children now... then we will have half the battle won for their future learning! Thank you all for being super parents. 

Please contact me if you have any further questions or concerns. I am happy to meet with a group of parents together to explain and show how we go about 'sounding out' words, reading and writing in class so you can help the right way at home.

Tricky Words Information -{(posting again)

Today your child will bring home some tricky word cards. These are words that have been introduced in class and are for you to keep at home and can be used to play 'Snap', 'Memory' etc. It is important that your child reads these words with automaticity. Automaticity is the fast, effortless word recognition that comes with a great deal of reading practice. Your child should also practise writing these words so they are able to use them in writing without trying to sound them out.

Tricky Words and their tricky parts

I: this word uses the letter name when it is read.

the: 'th' is the tricky part where 't' and 'h' join to make one sound 'th'

my: 'y' is the tricky part - it is not making its usual sound. It is making the 'long i' sound.

a: this word uses the letter name when it is read

is: 's' is the tricky part. The 's' is not making its usual sound. It is saying the 'z' sound.

was: the 'a' and 's' are both tricky in this word. The 'a' is making the 'short o' sound and the 's' is making the 'z' sound.

you: the 'ou' is the tricky part. The 'ou' join together to make the 'oo' sound as in 'moon'.

to: the 'o' is the tricky part. The 'o' is making the 'oo' sound as in 'moon'.

they: the 'th' and 'ey' are both tricky parts. The 'th' is making the 'hard th' sound and 'ey' join together to make the 'long a' sound.

that: the 'th' is the tricky part. The 'th' is making the 'hard th' sound.

said: the 'ai' is the tricky part. The 'ai' join together to may the 'e' sound as in 'bed'.

are: there are a two silent vowels in this word, 'a' and 'e'. the word is said using the letter name for 'r'.

he, be, we, me: the 'e' is the tricky part. It is making the 'long e' sound instead of its usual sound.

she: the 'sh' and the 'e' are both tricky parts. The letters 's' and 'h' join together to make the 'sh' sound as in shell. The 'e' is making the 'long e' sound.


Currently in our maths lessons we are learning about putting numbers together. We have played a game using 2 dice. The objective was to put the 2 numbers rolled together, to see how many dots were rolled altogether.  We have also been making parades of animals, however there can only be 10 feet in the whole parade. We have noticed a lot of different ways to make 10!!! As always, we continue to practise writing numbers using the correct formation and practising to represent numbers in different ways.

Thanks for your continued support in your child's learning.

Kristie and the PPL team.