Monday, November 29, 2021

Week 8 Term 4

 Dear Parents,

Transitioning to Year One. 

As we draw closer to the end of the year and the beginning of Year One we are beginning to implement a few transitions in order to make Year One easier for our students. 

Last week we ate our recess near the nature playground at the oval. This week we are eating our lunch near the hall with the 'big kids' to get used to their Year One lunch location. 

PPL Christmas Concert Information

The OLC Christmas Concert is Tuesday, 7th Dec (Week 9) commences at 5:30pm, so please ensure that your child is here at 5:15pm. Your child will be required to attend their classroom by 5:15pm and will walk down to the oval as a class, while you can find a nice spot on the hill. The theme for the end of year concert dress is ‘Casual Christmas Wear’. Christmas colours, t-shirts, dresses etc and Christmas accessories are all perfect for the occasion. PPL are performing a Chipmunks/rockstar themed dance. If your child would like to wear any 'rockstar' accessories (sunglasses, leather jackets, funky hair style etc) please feel free to wear them! Students to wear sneakers please. Any questions please email I can’t wait for you to see your children shine, they have all blown me away this Semester! Thank you- Mrs Haines

Library Books

Please make sure your child's library book comes back this week. There will not be bringing home a new library book for the rest of the term.

Home Reading Books

This will be the last week that new home reading books will be sent home. Please make sure reading folders are sent to school next Monday along with any home readers you have at home.

The Season of Advent:

We celebrated the beginning of the season of Advent today.

Advent is a period of spiritual preparation in which many Christians make themselves ready for the coming, or birth of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Celebrating Advent typically involves a season of prayer, fasting, and repentance, followed by anticipation, hope, and joy.

We celebrate Advent not only by thanking God for Christ's first coming to Earth as a baby, but also for his presence among us today through the Holy Spirit, and in preparation and anticipation of his final coming at the end of the age.

Character Strengths:

Dear Parents, currently at OLC we are focusing on modeling and observing different character strengths. The strengths that we will focus on are taken directly from the VIA Institute for Character. If you wanted to learn more about this please follow the link to the 24 character strengths:
This upcoming week we are looking for people who show Self-Regulation. Can you encourage your child to reflect on the following?

Kristie Leahy

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Week 6 Term 4

Hi Everyone,

What a beautiful weekend!!! I hope you enjoyed the sun and warmth. It's been a long time coming!!

Sheree Knezevic

This week is Sheree's last week in our classroom. We have loved having her with us for the last 6 weeks (especially me!!). Sadly we have to let her go but hopefully we will see her again!!. She has had such an amazing prac experience in our room and has been able to form such lovely relationships with all of the kids. I know they will miss her too!! I wish her all the best in her teaching, I know she will be loved and thoroughly appreciated where ever she goes.

Vinnies Christmas Appeal 
There will be a box at the front of PPL for collections for Vinnie's Christmas Appeal. Pre Primary families are asked to donate Christmas Goodies: Choccies, bonbons, puddings,  etc Please be generous and thoughtful in what you donate. Thank you in advance for your support and donations. 💗

Character Strengths 
Dear Parents, currently at OLC we are focusing on modeling and observing different character strengths. The strengths that we will focus on are taken directly from the VIA Institute for Character. If you wanted to learn more about this please follow the link to the 24 character strengths:
This upcoming week we are looking for people who show Perspective. Can you encourage your child to reflect on the following?

Term 4 Important Dates:

24th November – OLC AGM meeting
7th December – Whole school Christmas Concert (LOCK THIS ONE IN!)
10th December – Colour Run and Last day for students

Some updates from Mrs Knezevic...


Last week the children looked at the basic needs of a living thing and how they can use their scientific skills to explain this. students look at the needs of plants and animals and discuss if they have the same needs. This week we look at the connection with living things, such as vegetables, and healthy eating.  


This week we will be busy revising activities such as spelling tricky words, looking at strategies we can use when we read, and practice writing sentences. These activities are only a small look at what strategies we will practice to become better at spelling, reading, and writing. 


Last week we looked at sharing an amount between to two items. The children made fair share through using objects that they would share in real life scenarios.  

This week we look at ordinal numbers by racing against each other, lining up and ten pin bowling. These activities are engaging and a great way to learn about Mathematics in a fun way. 


Kristie Leahy and Sheree Knezevic

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Week 4 Term 4

 Dear Parents,

Wellbeing Week 

This week has been our school wellbeing week. Each day there has been a focus on a different kind of activity that can help to promote positive wellbeing for everyone at OLC.  Some activities that have taken place so far are yoga, guided meditations, mindfulness tapping, mindfulness colouring, square breathing and expressing gratitude.

  • Tomorrow, students are asked to wear their favourite T-Shirt that makes them feel good - it can be a band, a colour or one with a positive message on it...up to them! Please still  wear their regular sports bottoms please.
Character Strength.

Our Character Strength that we are focusing on this week is: Love of Learning.


The children are really enjoying our topic of Living Things.  Our silk worm moths have begun laying more eggs!!! 

Last week we did an experiment to see if cut flowers are still living.  Our question was Do they still drink water?  To do this we put cut flowers in water containing dye. We kept one flower in plain water as a control. The dye being a variable. The children have loved watching the flowers gradually change colour.   


As part of our Talk4Writing programme the children have been looking closely at sentences.  They have identified and used adjectives and nouns.  They have also written questions. 

Tricky Words

You will notice that the children have brought home some highlighted tricky words to focus on.  They may have mastered them when practising at home but sometimes they don't remember them when writing in the classroom. It is a good idea to practise writing all of the words they have learnt as often as possible as they are easily forgotten. They can be practised by calling them out randomly or even writing them in a sentence. 


Last week we looked at the days of the week.  We needed to be able to order the days of the week and tell what day it was yesterday and what day it will be tomorrow. 

This week we will begin to look at the concept of sharing. 

Have a wonderful week everyone,

Kristie Leahy and the PPL Team 

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Week 3 Term 4

 Hi Parents,

Thank you to those that were able to come to our assembly on Friday. We are so proud of all of the kids, they performed so well. We had such a great time on our excursion with Josh that we really wanted to share it with everyone. I think we did an amazing job of showing you the amazing things that Josh taught us. 

Grandparents Day 

Grandparents are most welcome to come into school at 1.45pm on Friday 29 October. They will be welcomed into the classrooms and to attend our special assembly at 2.15 pm.

Character Strengths 
Dear Parents, currently at OLC we are focusing on modeling and observing different character strengths. The strengths that we will focus on are taken directly from the VIA Institute for Character. If you wanted to learn more about this please follow the link to the 24 character strengths:
This upcoming week we are looking for people who show Love. Can you encourage your child to reflect on the following?

OLC Wellbeing Week (Week 4)
We are holding a whole week of whole school Wellbeing from Monday to Friday in Week 4. On each day the students will be including an activity with a wellbeing focus into some part of the day. 

Each day of Wellbeing Week a member of the Wellbeing Team will lead the whole school in a prayer meditation and some square breathing over the PA at 12.50pm. The students will also have an opportunity to participate in Yoga, Body Tapping and Sound Healing at various times over the week. 

The week will culminate in a Wellbeing Assembly presented by the year 4's on the Friday, you are most welcome to join us. Friday the 5th November of week 4, is also wear a T/shirt with your 'fave colour/ fave band / fave slogan – whatever makes you feel good' day!


This term, the children will be learning Protective Behaviours through the program Keeping Safe. Over the next few weeks, we will be talking to the children about: 

• the concept of personal space and how this is different for different people 

• correct anatomical names of sexual body parts 

• the whole body is private  

• appropriate and inappropriate touching. 

This term, the children will be taking part in the Keeping Safe lesson about personal space and body parts. We will be reading stories and emphasising the fact that all parts of their body are private. I understand that the children may laugh and giggle when we talk about the anatomical names, but this is important for every child to know. Recent research shows that knowing the anatomically correct language terms enhances children’s body image, self-confidence, and openness.  This is in conjunction with the Child Protection Curriculum which has been mandated in all schools in Western Australia. 

The Keeping Safe lessons focusing on privacy and the body will discuss:
1. Body awareness,
2. Parts of the body
3. Our whole body is private
4. Touching that is OK.

We will be reading a story called 'Everyone's got a bottom' and emphasising the fact that all parts of their body are private. Please find the lesson outline below for the Parts of the Body lesson and a link for the outline of the book if you feel you need to discuss this with your child.

Everyone's got a Bottom

Please email me if you have any questions.

Term 4 Important Dates: 
29th October – Grandparents day (classroom tours and assembly)
5th November - Wear a tshirt 'your fav colour/ fav band/ fav slogan' - what makes you feel good day!
9th November – Whole school wellbeing day
11th November – Remembrance Day
12th November – Student Free Day
24th November – OLC AGM meeting
26th November - Busy Bee @ Our Lady of the Southern Cross (morning only)
7th December – Whole school Christmas Concert (LOCK THIS ONE IN!)

Kristie Leahy

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Week 2 Term 4

Dear Parents,

I would like to share with you an email that we received during the week from a recipient of one of the plants that your children and their grandparents so lovingly potted up. 

Hi there, you lovely Pre-Primary Children,

This morning I went to the Dunsborough Library and outside the doors I saw one lonely little pot sitting with a note attached saying Please Adopt Me. It was a little Geranium. I would like you to know that my husband is very sick and I picked up the pot on my way out and took it home to him. He loves Geraniums and it did indeed bring a smile to his face when I brought it inside and he read the note explaining about your special gift of love.  I thought that you might like to know that you brought some special encouragement his way this morning and he is looking forward to seeing what colour the flower will be. It has found a space in what we call our Soul Garden in our back yard.  The plants and pots in the Soul Garden were all a gift to us from our nephews and nieces so that my husband could sit outside in the sun and enjoy their colour burst. ....... I just thought you might like to know that your little plant made a special difference in someone’s life today.

Kind regards


How beautiful is that?  

We still have quite a few pots so the plan is to give them some love and do a second drop.  If any parents would like to help then please see me. 


This term we continue with the wonderful Initialit and Heggerty Programmes.  These two well researched programmes have really proven to give the children a strong start with their literacy skills this year.  To broaden this we have added a Talk4Writing programme to the English block this term. Talk4Writing was developed in the UK by Pie Corbett and is designed to utilize literature when teaching writing skills. Our initial focus text is the Very Hungry Caterpillar by the late Eric Carle. 

We have learnt quite a few more difficult diagraphs so far. These are:

ch: as in chick

sh: as in shark

th: as in thumb

wh: as in whale

qu: as in queen

ee: as in see

We need to recognise these when we are reading and try to use them in our writing.


During maths we are currently learning all about the days of the week. We are naming each day and learning the order they go in.  These are some questions you could ask your child:

What is today called?

What was yesterday called?

What will tomorrow be?

What are the days we go to school?

What are the days that are the weekend?

Pre Primary Assembly

Our combined Pre primary Assembly is THIS FRIDAY (22nd Oct).  Please be seated in the hall by 2.10pm. 

The children will not have to wear costumes. We look forward to seeing you there.


Kristie and Sheree

Monday, October 11, 2021

Week 1 Term 4

Dear Parents,

I hope you have all had a lovely holiday break. My kids and I went north to Coral Bay for the first week and enjoyed some awesome sunshine and warm weather. It was very hard to leave!!!

We have a busy nine week term ahead of us.  We will be focusing on consolidating all learning so far, extending and enriching this and completing our prerequisite learning in readiness for a confident start to Year One. 

Next weeks blog will contain more detail about our learning in Term Four. 

Just a few reminders....

1. Please ensure that your child's reading folder is returned each Monday and Wednesday ready for book exchange (and a Friday if you would like a book over the weekend). 

2. Please make sure you are reading each week night. Each book should be read on two nights. The more times your child reads the same book the more chance they have of reading with fluency and success.

3.  Practise those 'Tricky Words'.  Five minutes each week night is all you need. 

4.  Library book exchange is on Thursday.  If your child does not have a bag we can not give them a book.  The children will be allowed to search for books on the shelves this term. Exciting news!

Prac Student

This term we welcome Mrs Sheree Knezevic to our classroom for 6 weeks.

News Roster

Everyone had a news roster in their homework folder today. News will begin next week.

PPB and PPL Assembly

The two preprimary classes will combine to present an assembly on Friday the 22nd of October. 

Other dates to be aware of include:

  • 11th October - Term 4 Commences
  • 29th October - Grandparents Day: Tours and Morning Tea.
  • 1st - 5th November - Wellbeing Week: The students will take part in a variety of Wellbeing focused activities.
  • 12th November - Pupil Free Day
  • 24th November - OLC AGM: All parents are welcome to attend.
  • 7th December - Christmas Concert @ 5.30pm.
  • 10th December - Colour Run and Conclusion of Term 4.
Today we had an amazing start to Term 4 with everyone coming back with big smiles and lots of energy!!!

Don't hesitate to send me an email if you have any questions or if you'd like to send photos etc for your child's news.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Week 10 Term 3

 Cultural Excursion Day!!

First thing this morning we are heading off on the bus to Quindalup to meet with Josh Whiteland and learn a little about the cultural heritage of the area.  It is very exciting for the chidlren to travel on the bus but we hope that they are all calm and ready for their special day when they get to school.  Josh is so very interesting to listen to and your children will do some very special learning today.

If possible please pack your child's morning tea in a separate small lunch box (if you don't normally do) because if the sun is shining we will take the opportunity to sit on the beach and have our morning tea. 

Check to see if your child's name is clearly visible on their water bottle and morning tea box. 

Book Week

Don't forget to get your costumes ready for our Book Week celebrations.  The theme is Old Worlds, New Worlds - Other Worlds .... so it is very broad. If you get stuck for ideas or costumes just ask... I might be able to help. 

If your child brings a book to school to show their character then please make sure it is well labelled.  

Free Dress

Geographe get to wear Free Dress this Thursday!  Well done Geographe.


There will be a prayer assembly and Star Citizen awards on Friday at 2.20pm. 

Footy Colours may be worn for a small fee of a Gold Coin on Friday. All proceeds will go to someone in need.

Hang in there.....holidays are just around the corner.


Kristie Leahy